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Correctio: Current BBB rating an A- BBB does not reflect though that the Woodridge office has been closed - not updated yet

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I want to disclose fully that I am a former sales rep for BuyOwner out of the Chicago area. The new owner took over in 2011 and the headquarters is located in Delray Beach, Florida. I only went on appointments for a little over a month (July 2011) before they closed the office. I certainly wasn't involved long enough to be disgruntled and I liked the people who worked out of the same office. I am glad that it is over though since the service is way too expensive and sellers are much better off taking their business elsewhere. Once someone pays them to advertise their home, a couple of hourly employees put the home on their website within a couple hours and the cost is $2000 to $5500 depending on the number of photos and virtual tours included. That's very little work and a lot of money to simply be put on a website that hardly anyone visits anymore. No wonder their current BBB rating is an F

If the customer pays the balance over 4-6 months then the rep is suppose to be paid a percentage of those payments. My last sale with them opted for payments and paid one payment which I was paid on before the office closed. After that, the owner decided there was no need to pay me a little over a lousy $100.00 in commissions on the other payments the customer made. I asked him to pay me in an email and he ignored my request. I guess he figured since there was no longer an office in Chicago why bother paying me. So I let the rest of the representatives know about this in a mass email and one of them actually physically threatened me if I put this information on the Internet.

Hard to believe that people with short tempers like that are going into people's homes. They do not do background checks on the independent representatives (at least they did not with me) so you could be letting felons, rapist or child molesters into your home.

Anyway, the new owner did respond to my mass email letting everyone know that he cheated me. He didn't deny it but instead went off on some tangent pleading for sympathy admitting that the company has failed by not changing their old ways. I feel sorry for all the people he let go in the Chicago office and those still aboard his sinking ship then I do him. I gave him another chance to make good on the commission letting him know he was not leaving me many options but to take this information to the internet. I purposely did not share the final request with all the others in my email. He responded that I forgot to not realizing it was intention and asked me to share the links with him. Hard to believe he doesn't have better things to do and would want this information on the Internet when it could have been avoided for a little over a $100. It is my hope that this information does cost him business although he is doing a pretty good job on his own making that happen. Do you really want to give your money to someone who would cheat someone else out of $100.00?

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Let me say that I worked for Buy Owner for 8 years and loved my job and the people I met. I worked very hard to create the best advertising campaign for my home sellers.

In fact, I sold my own home 6 years ago through the site. Phil (the above writer) was with the company for a little less than a month. His emails back and forth in open forum were childish and even though I have been gone from the company for over 6 months, I just received a commission payment last month. I have worked with everyone in the Chicago office for 8 years and NO one was a rapist, thief, or child molester.

That is just disgusting and ridiculous. Shame on you Phil, what...are you going for a fear tactic?

Grow up!

I no longer work for the company either, I had been a fantastic rep, but just could not hold on anymore and still support my family. Jon did not purchase the company to fail, and I am sure he is doing the best that he can to build a new name and a new reputation for the company.

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