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We signed with buy owner almost 3 years ago, hard to believe but trust me we have a new house in a gated community, lowered our price several times below other homes in same area, not one call really I mean not one phone call or lead. We totally got taken to the cleaners.

Do yourself a favor use a realtor, we lost 4,000 dollars. They won't even try to help you. They mislead you to believe they advertise...not true.

I see a commercial once a day around midnight to one in the morning, no ads in papers or real estate books, total scam!! Big question is what do they do with all that money????

Monetary Loss: $4.

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The same thing happened to us also in Texas. Not one and I do mean not one call and we put it on the market 4 years ago!!!!!

They do not advertise!!! They will lie to you don't trust these guys ever!!!!

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