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On june 2008 I signed for the platinum ad of Buy Owner

and paid at front, when the time came for the pictures, I requested them to came twice, because i have multiple units, (the people who take the pictures are another company)and they are nasty,(they know there is a contract, already signed)and they refuse to came twice unless,i pay extra money for the second time, I contacted the main company and, I did not get any help. Now I'm out my money,and stock with crappy pictures, i need advise in what to do

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Keene, Texas, United States #145316

We had a great expereince!! Buy Owner was great, we saved thousands of dollars and we got our asking price.

(which was MORE than the real estate agent said we could get) I am so sick of people bashing companies that are angry, but no one ever takes the time to write about GOOD expereinces. THANKS BUY OWNER...

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